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Tino Cochino Radio is the fastest growing radio show in the country currently airing in 65+ cities. The cast includes Tino Cochino, Serina Perez,...Full Bio

Green Flags (Ep89)

Nana Scammer

A TCR listener is upset his partner didn't tell him she was quitting her job, Serina might have committed fraud, Nicasio scammed his own grandmother, and Tino breaks down a book containing men's knowledge of women...

A Rocky Thanksgiving (Ep88)

This week, Tino recalls a thanksgiving he spent alone at a diner. He also talks social media negativity, learning vs losing and more! Enjoy!

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Worst List Reader Ever!

A TCR listener is sick of her new naighbors' loud-ass dog, Tino talks the survival tips of dating Scorpios, Serina receives an accidental text by someone talking sh*t about her, and Nicasio (for some reason) gives 5 reasons you could be killing your relationship...

Matt's a Genius!

A TCR listener might leave her new man because of his job,Tino wishes he was taught Spanish as a child, Serina reveals a few things NOT to do after a breakup, and Nicasio is way too competitive with his girl!

Don't Cry Alone!

One of our TCR listeners is sick of the date nights her husband plans, Tino's getting back into the dating scene, Matt can't stand when rappers rhyme a word with the SAME word, and Nicasio craps on Serina's top 5 list...

Baby Back Ribs

A TCR listener just wants a little more IG love from her man, Tino's finally in the Christmas spirit, Serina reveals she hates Christmas music, Are You Smarter Than Nicasio, and Matt is excited to let Tino know about a new Chili's jingle!

Learn Your Epsies!!

A TCR listener is trying to help her son come out, Serina reveals 6 text messages that will guarantee a male response, Nicasio thinks "hot" people surround themselves with less attractive people on purpose, Matt has a crazy dream about Drake, and Tino is intrigued by the "Twin Flame" documentary...

Cheez Its and Energy Drinks

A TCR listener does NOT want to compromise for the holidays, Matt calls out Nicasio's relationship, Serina goes to TikTok for medical advice, and Tino recalls an airport fail...


A TCR listener is bothered by her girlfriend's relationship with her ex's parents, Nicasio did something dirty in a hot tub, Tino wonders why Mexican families give their kids backhanded nicknames, Matt and his wife have the same dramatic personality, and Serina reveals the world's most stressful video game...