Ep. 7: Live from the UofA vs ASU football tailgate

Ep. 6: I'm not CRYING, YOU ARE!

This week on More Chamoy Suzette, Angel and Baby discuss Black Panther Wakanda Forever… chill we know… NO SPOILERS! They have a heart to heart moment and find out who doesn’t listen to Draaaaaake (Soulja boys voice). Shouts out to the LGBTQ+ community, we love and support you!

Ep. 5: We’re old & CRINGE AF!

This week on More Chamoy, we take it back to High School! Suzette’s nephew Diego tells us what music is poppin and what the kids are saying. Also, find out who from the three (Suzette, Angel and Baby) is the most CRINGE! Sheeeeeeeeeesh!

Ep.4: The ROOF is on FIRE!

DISCLAIMER this was recorded before Rihanna was announced as the HALFTIME performer (so calmate). Find out how BABY almost set a birthday party on FIRE and how its Wingardium Scoliosis NOT Leviosaaaa!

Ep.3: BODY BLOWS & Trauma!

Angel almost got JUMPED! You decide if he was right or wrong and you get a little bit of history from these foos. Good and embarrassing memories, some traumas. Ni modo you get all of it!

Ep. 2: ESTOP... she's single & HAPPY!

The crew introduces their good (single) friend Lauren. From talking about the single life, twerking on stage with Lil Jon and PLANTS! Find out what kind of maaaaan Lolo is interested in too.


Welcome to the premiere episode of More Chamoy! They kick it off with how they met, to dance battles and hoopties. Shout out to In-N-Out Burger too!