Ava Max Describes Her Love For Oprah & Interior Design Obsession

Ava Max sat down with Maxwell on Zoom the other day. Ava explains how surprised she was by "Kings & Queens" popularity throughout the pandemic, making music while stuck in quarantine, her love for Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Oprah + her new found obsession with interior design!

"Oprah Winfrey is everything," Ava tells Maxwell after listing off some of her favorite artists for Black History Month and asking if she can name someone not in music. "Can we talk about Oprah real quick cause I mean I loved watching Oprah. Who didn't watch her coming home from school? My mom had her on every single day.... So like Oprah, I grew up really inspired by her.... The way she kept going at it for years going after her passion!"

Watch Ava Max's entire interview with Maxwell above!