Ritt Momney On The Creation Process of Being A Solo Artist In Quarantine

Ritt Momney is joining Maxwell on Zoom to talk all about how he got started in music, his creation process of being a solo artist in quarantine and more!

"The whole journey, yea it's been crazy, it's been a pretty slow up until the 'put your records on' thing." The song he's referring to is "Put Your Records On" originally sung by Corinne Bailey Rae. Momney covered a version of the song in 2020 that has since gone viral on social platforms like TikTok and being listened to around the world!

"Obviously it was unexpected, you can never really expect something like that," Momney says on the success of the song, "It was really therapeutic for me in such a down time to be working on this song in particular."

You can watch Momney's full interview with Maxwell above!