Why Don't We Talk Hiatus, Contracting COVID-19, "Fallin'" + More

Why Don't We is back in the music. Their new song Fallin' is an absolute jam and we're so happy to see these guys writing, producing and playing actual instruments in the song. With their return, the guys decided to hop on a video chat with Maxwell to talk all about their hiatus, living in quarantine and Fallin'.

"We've dreamed of this moment before we were even on break," Daniel says about releasing their latest song, "It’s been crazy, the music video too, it’s literally a dream come true."

As far as quarantine goes Corbyn was thankful his family moved out to LA and Jonah got a 'fur baby' as Maxwell called it. "I got a little kitty, he’s amazing.. he’s the best."

When it came to writing during the pandemic Zach jokes that they almost had 'too much' to write about. Daniel adds, "There's so much more to write about sitting home, in your house for way too long.." Then Jonah said, "When we were writing on tour it was maybe an hour after a show." So with all that inspiration I bet we can expect even more music from Why Don't We soon!

Check out their full interview with Maxwell above!