Why Don't We Talks Playing Instruments In New Song 'Fallin''

Fresh off the release of their new song Fallin', Why Don't We is joining their fans on Zoom along with Maxwell to talk all about it!

After a 9-month break from social media, the boys are BACK! "Today has been the best of all days because we’ve really been able to interact with our fans," says Jonah about their comeback, "Thank you guys for everything."

Turns out the break and posts teasing new music was all thanks to their friend Helen! In addition they say, "We always have been saying Why Don’t We without a question mark so we finally fixed the grammar." Corbyn adds, "We had to stir the pot a little bit."

When it comes to the new song Fallin' we're really seeing the guys in their element with musical instruments, only really seeing this in their last song What Am I. "We owe it to them too... to hold instruments," says Daniel, "We thought that had to be those guys that sang certain songs, fans say I don’t think that’s necessarily you guys." Well the fans are right and Daniel confirms they are more comfortable than ever because of the instruments, "Challenging ourselves, we’re actually more comfortable. We all play instruments and fans were like ‘why aren’t you guys playing instruments’ if this is really what we want to do, than why wouldn’t we do it?"

As far as collaborations goes Jack teases "There potentially could be... I will say me and the guys collaborated."

Well there ya have it limelights! Watch the full interview above with Why Don't We for even more on this new song and their upcoming album? tour? We shall see!