24kGoldn Describes "Mood" Popularity, Garnering TikTok Fame + More

24KGoldn gets into the Zoom chat with Maxwell to talk all things 'Mood' his TikTok fame and more.

"People think this happens over night," 24KGoldn tells Maxwell in the Zoom room, "It all started when I was 13 years old."

So how did his rise to fame come? Well it started in high school "That's 2,000 possible fans right there," 24KGoldn tells Maxwell. "Because I'm GenZ, I got the Internet too." He continues, "Everything comes from the music at the end of the day. I can make really good music but I know how to get it in everyone’s ears as well."

When it comes TikTok, 24KGoldn was there before it was cool. "When I got on it, it wasn’t cool to get on TikTok," he continues, "This has given me the platform to spread my music and spread my music to the world."

Watch 24KGolden's full interview with Maxwell above!