Are Sharron And Rhonda Still Together? Sharron Explains Their Future

First it was The Circle, then Love Is Blind and now Too Hot To Handle is the latest of Netflix's unscripted series to go viral. The premise of this one? beautiful people heading to a beautiful island only to find out they are facing a $100,000 celibacy challenge.

If you haven't seen the show yet, STOP READING. Go onto your Netflix app and start watching! If you have watched the show already, star and New Jersey native, Sharron Townsend sat down on Zoom with DJ Maxwell to talk logistics of the show, other contestants and where he is at now... more importantly, where he and Rhonda are at now!

“It’s been a lot of emotion. A lot of craziness," Sharron begins to explain to Maxwell. After telling the fascinating story of how he got to be on the show, Sharron got down to his relationship with Rhonda saying they actually joked about being called 'Sharronda' after they leave the island. "We were being us, but who would’ve thought it would become so special to so many people."

When it came to Rhonda's son, Sharron admits he was shocked by the news, but not necessarily surprised. He says:

She was so patient, so understanding, she was nurturing. So when she broke the news, it was a shock but it made sense. You had to learn that somewhere. It wasn’t a surprise. My mom is a single parent of 6 boys, so when she told me, for me it was like some of the strongest people i know are parents.

However are him and Rhonda still a couple? The answer is no.

It’s out there. We’re not together and there’s many reasons behind it. She lives in Atlanta.... As much as we were trying and things, I was working three jobs. I’m the bread winner in my family. Helping my brother in college. I lost my grandma to cancer. I was not intentionally closing her off, but I went back to what i knew. It’s not done, the bond is never done.... What’s our future? I don’t know. She’s been a blessing and there’s nothing I can take away from her.

He does say however that the two of them talk every day. Now what does Sharron think of Francesca and Harry and what is he up to now? Find out in his full interview with Maxwell above!