Lauv Shares His Latest TikTok Beats And Talks Making Music In Quarantine

Although Lauv just put out his album "~how i'm feeling~" he is quarantined with some of his friends that help him make music, so he is using some of his time in quarantine working on the next album. He tells Maxwell of Z100 that he is using the time to experiment with new music and also making beats for TikTok. He even has some time now to watch TV, when he usually is too busy to keep up on the Netflix trends.

"Staying occupied and trying new things. I'm just starting to watch some shows.... I was watching Tiger King and I just started Succession." Even though Lauv says he couldn't finish the trending documentary, he does share his thoughts on how the employees were treated by both Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin alike.

Playing around with TikTok beats and talking more in depth of his next album, watch Maxwell's full interview with Lauv above!