Billie Eilish Powers Through Show After Spraining Her Ankle in Milan

We all know that Billie Eilish goes HARD at her shows. If you've seen her live or even in videos you'll always see her jumping and running all over the stage like a maniac and I love it. What else would you expect from her?

Well...I guess she went a little too hard at her show in Milan.

The 17-year-old ended up spraining her ankle while performing her major hit, 'Bad Guy' in front of the entire crowd. I mean, who wouldn't go that hard during that BOP? Her jumping just wasn't on her side during her performance at the Milano Rocks Music Festival.

She continued to kill it out there with her vocals but she was 'devastated' because she didn't perform the way she wished for her Italian fans.

She announced to the crowd, "Dude, I sprained my ankle immediately. That's so embarrassing. Ugh and dude I sprained this one like a month ago." This is her second foot injury during her tour this year. She had a similar incident when she fell down the stairs at her show in Los Angeles recently. Poor thing!!

She had to sit down for the remainder of her show and ended up cutting her show short because the pain was too much to handle. She ended the show by saying, "I can't do this. I'm sorry, bro." She was seen leaving the stage in tears at the conclusion of her show. But, she continued to hype up the crowd while her fans supported it until the end. No surprise because she kills it with the vocals...I literally get chills. She's mentioned in a recent interview that she is "injury prone" and that it's basically a reoccurrence for her.

Here's the video:


Were wishing her a speedy recovery. Love ya, Billie!

Check out the new music video for her song, all the good girls go to hell, which already hit 43 million views on YouTube.



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