These Halloween Decorations Looked So Real Neighbors Called 911! [VIDEO]

Talk about spooky!

Since people have a lot of time on their hands, there's nothing wrong with going all out on Halloween! A home located in Riverside, California gained attention for their realistic Halloween display. Residents even began calling 911 after passing by because it looked so real.

If you drive by the house, it appears to be on fire and massive flames flare up behind the first floor windows as the smoke is seen moving across the lawn. Then you see skeletons and pirate cannons in the front of the home. The house is owned by Carmen and Travis Long. Carmen explained that her husband took the idea from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland! The fire is simply just satin cloth, an orange light, a red light and a fan!

Due to all the false alarms, the couple has been in close constant with the department and makes sure to check in with them each weekend when their display is on. They also mentioned that they have a fire alarm system in case an actual fire breaks out.

Check out the spooky, realistic display below!


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