Billy Eichner Takes The Jonas Brothers On A Scream-Filled Run Through NYC

"Well, the measles are back and so are the Jonas Brothers," Billy Eichner screams at the beginning of the newest episode of Billy on the Street, his beloved web series, which sees him run around New York City to yell at strangers with celebrities in-tow.

On Tuesday (May 21), Eichner released the new installment, which sees him making his way around midtown Manhattan with Joe, Nick and Kevin Jonas by his side. In the three-minute segment, the comedian hits the the streets to remind random New Yorkers that the pop trio is indeed back in the pop game and, as usual, it involves plenty of screaming. While one street-goer couldn't contain her own yelling, an old man couldn't give a crap about their comeback. "What about them? Who cares?" he quips. Meanwhile, one man was so excited that he needed to high five each bandmate and it only prompted Eicher to react with humor. "I feel straight," he says.

If you need more from the JoBros comeback, make sure you check out their new throwback merchandise line, which includes old school photos of the trio. To make the items worth the price, all purchases will arrive with a digital copy of the JoBro's upcoming album, Happiness Begins, which will be delivered via e-mail when the LP drops on June 7. You can expect to hear about the group's reunion in their upcoming documentary, Chasing Happiness, for Amazon Studios. It's scheduled to premiere on the streaming service on June 4.

** Warning: The following video contains inappropriate language. **

Photo: YouTube/billyonthestreettv

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