Abby Lee Miller Warns Lori Loughlin About Prison Life: 'It's Really Bad'

Abby Lee Miller (of Dance Moms fame) didn't mince words when doling out advice to Lori Loughlin about life in prison. While chatting with Entertainment Tonight, the 52-year-old reality star opened up about her one year jail sentence. Miller endured her twelve month sentence after she pled guilty to bankruptcy fraud back in June 2016. Now she's offering her expertise to Loughlin, who also faces time behind bars.

"Don't hire a prison consultant. That's one," Miller says is the first piece of advice she'd give Loughlin on prison life. "Be open with people. They are celebrities. People know them from TV. TV's a big deal in prison. A big deal. People watch it nonstop. So they're gonna be interested in what it was like to be on a TV show. You know, what's it like to, you know, be married to John Stamos?... What are all these things like? They're gonna want to know."

Miller says because of Loughlin's fame, her fellow inmates will be more interested in her as a result. "They're interested, and I think if they share their stories and their tales of woe and all that, they will be just fine," she explained. "And I also think, you know, it's important to listen to every other woman's story, because everybody there just wants to tell their own story and be heard. I think that's what I learned most. Everybody's there because of some, you know, crazy nonsense stupid mistakes that we made .... and they still are just trying to tell their story."

Though Miller doesn't think Loughlin will have much trouble getting along with her fellow inmates should she be convicted, the Dance Moms star says forging relationships with the prison guards will be much more difficult. "It was bad. It was really bad -- more so the female guards than the male," Miller said. "You know, you don't need a lot of credentials to be prison guard in a federal prison. And, you know, you give them a set of keys and a weapon and they're in power."

"In my particular situation, they were -- because of... my characterization on television and what I'm known for, and you know, screaming at the kids and yelling at the moms." she continued. "Everybody wants to have their chance to get a baseball bat and smack me in the face with it. That's what it was like. I don't think Felicity [Huffman] and Lori [Loughlin] are gonna hit that same thing, 'cause that's not the persona they have on TV. I think [Loughlin is] still going to be [America's Sweetheart]."

Hopefully, Loughlin will be relieved to hear Miller thinks her reputation will recover from the college admissions scandal. The Fuller House actress has reportedly been quite worried about what the scandal is doing to her formerly squeaky clean image.

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