**DEVELOPING UPDATE** DEADLY Explosion At An Ariana Grande Concert Kills 22 Injure 59 ISIS Claims Terror Attack

UPDATE: 10:13am 5/23/17 22 dead and 59 injured. ISIS Claims Terror Attack

UPDATE 10:30pm CST

TOUR SUSPENDED:Ariana Grande reportedly calls off tour after attack

UPDATE 10:25pm CST

UPDATE 7:35pm CST 2nd explosive device found by Manchester Police according tp multiple news outlets

Several news outlets are reports are that 19 people are dead and 50 injured

Several news outlets are reporting fatalities are in the double digits. Manchester Police are using words like "Many fatalities" and "Many more injured"

Ariana Grande reported ‘Okay’ After 2 Explosions Reported at U.K. Concert. 

"A number of people have lost their lives" Fox news anchor Shepard Smith

"A label rep tells Variety that Ariana Grande is “okay” after two “loud bangs,” reported in some social media accounts as “explosions,” took place at her concert at the Manchester Arena in England on Monday evening." Source: variety.com

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