Kelly Clarkson Cannot Stop Laughing After Hitting A Miserable Note In The Studio (VIDEO)

Kelly Clarkson is busy working on her forthcoming soul-inspired album. However, the pop titan doesn't always hit the right notes, as seen in a new clip of her in the studio.

In new footage, which she shared via Twitter on Monday (April 10), the former "American Idol" champ attempts to hit a note, but falls very, very flat. "That time you think, damn, I'm about to nail this …and then you don’t #inthestudio #whatthehellwasthat," she captioned the clip. Clarkson has such a great sense of humor that she suggests that her producer loops the clip over and over again until she falls to the floor with laughter. You've gotta love a good sense of humor!

In late 2016, Clarkson revealed that her next LP, which is due via her new label partnership with Atlantic Records, will drop in June, with the first single surfacing sometime in April. Considering that we're halfway done with the month, we're going to guess that the plan has been pushed back a bit. For the set, the singer is leaving behind her pop/rock sound and evoking her urban side, which is reminiscent of her vocal idols like Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston

"I've been dying to make this record since 'Idol,'" she told People last November. "We're still working on it, but we have a good batch of songs already and I can't wait to sing them live. They're amazing. After having a career for so long, it’s so weird that nobody knows [my sound] yet, so it’s going to be so good. It’s definitely a different chapter."

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