(VIDEO) Wife Sees Blue Balloons At Gender Reveal, Then Husband Unzips Hoodie To Reveal ANOTHER Surprise!

A couple held a gender reveal party for family and friends and halfway through the husband unzips his hoodie to reveal a heartwarming surprise for all.

Timothy and Brittany have a baby due in May 2017 and they held the party at their Ontario home complete with cupcakes, balloons, ginger bread men, popcorn and a betting sheet for those wanting to guess the gender, Little Things reported.

However, they left out one vital piece of information that shocked the crowd and brought tears everyone's eyes.

Together, they opened a box and out flew two bunches of blue balloons - revealing they were having a boy!

In the next breath, Timothy turns to the guests and says, “thank you for coming from so far away. And I think this is probably the best way to say it.”

Watch the video to see what happens next!

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