11 Things To Know Before Dating The Girl Who Is Close To Her Dad

Pay attentions guys! This one's for you to absorb. - Patrick

“I remember I thought you looked like an angel wrapped in pink so soft and warm.You’ve had me wrapped around your finger since the day you were born.” – Tim McGraw

1. She won’t settle.

You have to understand, she’s been treated like gold her entire life and those standards she upholds aren’t unrealistic, one man in her life has been that example. Being spoiled and being treated with respect and kindness isn’t just something she hopes for, it’s something she demands. Her father has paved the way for her expectations and if you aren’t meeting them, she’ll kick you to the curb so fast.

2. Being spoiled doesn’t mean she’s a brat.

She might be good at getting her way. She might even be able to cleverly convince you to do what she wanted the whole time but there’s a difference between a spoiled brat and someone who is spoiled. Spoiled is knowing and appreciating everything you have and realizing how rare it is. Spoiled is knowing what you deserve. But she also knows if she wants a certain type of treatment, it’s a two-way street. Daddy’s girls treat the men in their life very well because they expect it to be reciprocated.

3. She’s goal oriented.

As much as it’s nice to get what you want sometimes, she also knows no one is going to hand her anything in life (even if her dad does sometimes.) She tackles life knowing if she wants something, she’s gotta work to go get it. And while her dad’s her number one fan cheering her on, she’s looking for a partner who can keep up and push her to become better. She won’t date someone who isn’t motivated. She’s looking for someone she can emotionally rely on and someone who can support her as you possibly build a life together.

4. She’s going to look at your relationships with women.

Whether it’s your mother or sister, she’ll watch how you treat them. She’ll watch how you talk about them. She knows how you treat them is a reflection of how you’ll treat her. When things get serious, she’ll look at you as the type of father you could be because her relationship with her dad is so strong. If you don’t have a good relationship with the women in your life, she won’t give you the light of day.

5. She’s going to talk about him a lot.

She admires him and all he’s done for her his entire life. Along with being her role model, they’re also friends. And she’ll talk about him with such pride. And as much as you know about him, he probably knows about you too. But she won’t run to him for everything. If there’s one thing he’s taught her, it’s how to handle things on her own and be independent. So much so, sometimes it will seem like she doesn’t need you. But the thing you have to remember is she wants you there and she’s choosing you.

6. Don’t criticize him.

Even if she’s telling you about a fight they had or problems between the two of them, even if you don’t like him, DO NOT say anything negative about him (even if she does.) She can judge him. You can silently judge him.

7. Meeting her father is a big step for her.

If you ask her about the number of guys her dad has met, just know it’s very few. And when that time comes and you two meet, know it’s probably a big step for her. If she wants you two to meet, it’s probably because she sees potential. And if you guys hit it off there’s nothing that will make her happier.

8. Her father will be very skeptical of you.

He’ll be polite and respect you but in any father’s eyes, no one is good enough. He wants to protect her from heartbreak. He wants to ensure she’s making the right choices. But more than anything, he looks at you thinking will you be able to give her everything she needs and deserves in life? And until you prove that to her, he’s going to question your motives.

9. His opinion will impact her.

Regardless of how old she is, his opinion on things influences her. It doesn’t make her weak, she just has a lot of respect for him and looks up to him. You’ll see the way she talks and the things she says probably mimic him and his viewpoints.

10. She’ll stand up for herself.

When you’re wrong she’s not going to be afraid to call you out on it. Just like she isn’t afraid to fight her dad on things (and she has.) She stands by what she believes in. If ever you might or have conflicts, she’ll listen and hear you out and will always own up to her mistakes but as strong as she is, she’s terribly stubborn sometimes too. If her dad has taught her anything it’s to fight for the things she wants in life and she does.

11. She’ll always be his little girl.

As strong as she is as independent as she might seem, he’s one of the few people she can’t imagine her life without. No matter how old she gets, there’s a bond between them that exceeds age and time. She might be yours and she might even love you but remember she loved him first.

“But I loved her first and I held her first and a place in my heart will always be hers. And I prayed that she’d find you someday but it’s still hard to give her away. I loved her first.” – Heartland 

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