WATCH: Adorable Valentine's Day Gift Becomes Horrifying Nightmare


It's nice to get your significant other a teddy bear for Valentine's Day, and really nice if it's an enormous one, but what isn't so nice is getting a humongous teddy then emptying the stuffing and secretly wearing it so you can scare the bejesus out of your loved one. However, that's how one guy decided to spend the day.


As his wife was checking her phone after returning home, he subtly moved his arm while in the bear. She grabbed their baby and hid, but then peeked at the bear again. Again it moved, sending her running, but she wasn't done yet. She picked up her shoes and threw them at the stuffed animal. When it moved once more, she lost it, took her purse and her kid and hightailed it. 

He might be spending his Valentine's Day on the couch.


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