Actually Get Paid To Stay Away From Social Media!

Let's say...if you were asked, can you completely get rid of your devices for 24 full hours? What about if someone were willing to pay you do it? has issued the “Digital Detox Challenge.” If you are selected as the winner, you'll be sent a safe to store your devices in. Let's just put it all in black and white...let this marinate... For a full day, there’ll be no phone, television, laptop, smart device, or gaming systems allowed. NONE!

You'll also get a $200 gift card for “survival kit supplies,” which might include a typewriter, board games, a deck of cards, paints and brushes, books, or whatever can help pass the time while you detox digitally. If you want to apply, you have until Friday!

If you succeed, you'll get paid $2400 for one day of "work". And honestly, i think most people WOULD consider this, work. Who's in?!