Top Grub Spots In Bayonne, NJ

Ahhhhh Bayonne. The Jerseyans' version of Brooklyn. Located south of Jersey City, north of Staten Island, across the harbor from New York City. Home of many immigrants or offspring of immigrants, namely: Italian, Polish, Irish, Asian, Puerto Rican, Middle Eastern, Dominican etc. An eclectic town that is often forgotten when thinking of close towns to NYC. It's a gem, really. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and always just heard funny sayings about exit 14A and clever little sayings about the town. "Exit 14A, stay away" or "if she's from Bayonne, leave her alone". I never thought I would call this place home... that is until I met my wife here 7 years ago! I quickly fell in love with this little town, with big diverse eats. Now, a town I call home. One of those towns where "everyone knows everyone" kinda feel. Its refreshing! And I'm all about supporting local business.

Let us talk food. Cmon...we're in quarantine...what else would we talk about? Food in Bayonne is awesome! Here are my Top spots we frequent to grub at in good 'ole Bayonne, NJ in no particular order! There are so many good spots here and honestly, my list could be way longer. If you are ever in this neck of the woods... def hit up these spots! What make's these eats awesome is not just the food...but the people and service! And with the current pandemic, all these amazing places offer delivery and curbside pick up!

Pompei Pizza

To me, the best regular pizza slice in town. But it taste especially best when eaten directly from the counter, if you can!

Teddy's Place

This spot is awesome! If you are into fast, homemade DELICIOUS Greek food...this is your go-to. They have the Greek classics as well as different modern spins on traditional dishes.

Giovanni Salumeria

Hands down, best subs/sandwiches in town! Not to mention amazing daily specials. The real gem about this place is Giovanni. He NEEDS his own reality show. The nicest, most giving hilarious big personality of a guy! Food, service and conversation. This place has it all! AND...the one and ONLY mozzarella king of NJ. Voted best year after year!

Cibao Invita

Looking for amazing Dominican food? THIS is your spot! AH-MAZING Spanish flare in general! Fresh, and HUGE portions! My wife is Cuban and this is the closest to authentic REAL Spanish family style eating you can get. Fast, fresh and CHEAP!

House Of Flavor

Want Vegan? 100% Vegan and organic done right! I'm known to NOT be a vegan... and I actually enjoy the meat sweats. But this place is delish! You would never know it's vegan. Different and yummy!

Buon Appetito

Amazing family goodness! Great Italian food, cool little bar and just great all around people. This place is all about community. You just feel like family here.

El Aguila Dorada

This Mexican food rivals MOST...anywhere. So authentic and delicious. Always a pleaser and never disappoints!

Little Food Cafe

Awesome little cafe with tons of super fresh homemade options. The real star here is Sunday brunch! Ohhhhh so good! Can't go wrong with anything here!

Bake N Brew

Such a great little cafe/coffee shop... AWESOME avocado toast and breakfast in general! They always switch it up with awesome sandwiches and daily specials. Lots of variety.

Brother's Pizza

In need of a specialty slice? THIS is yummmmm! Chicken Franciase slice? Got it. Baked Ziti pizza? Yup!

Double Batch Bakery

Mmmmmmmm dessert! The absolute BEST place in town to crave that sweet tooth. They also cover you with savory foods also!

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