Are You As Smart as a Doctor? Take This Quiz

Remember back in 2016, when Malachi Love-Robinson, a teen from Florida, impersonated a doctor not once, but TWICE and ended up in the slammer both times for fraud and larceny. His defense? "I'm not portraying as an M.D. I never said I've gone to school to be an M.D." He maintains his innocence to this day, but America hasn't forgotten.

Today, you can try your luck and see if you can do better than him through this Buzzfeed quiz, which lets you try your luck at impersonating a doctor. The catch? If you get one wrong, you'll end up just like Love-Robinson: in jail. Well, not actually, but take it for fun! The comments are HILARIOUS, with some saying that they got arrested so many times, that when they finally got something right, they STILL got arrested.

Try your best to know some doctor stuff, and maybe you can get away with it. I got pretty far in the quiz, until I thought that the vertebrae in your neck was the lumbar vertebrae. Listen, I'm pretty happy with how far I got, and that being said...I'll have a pop-up practice opening up on Canal, so come say hi and come by for a check-up. If you're a cop reading this, well, I have no idea what you're talking about. Try out the test and see how far you get!

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