Apple Unveils New Line of iPhones and the Internet is Going Bananas!

Today, Apple unveiled its new line of tech, with a new iPad with a whopping 10.2 inch screen, the Apple Watch Series 5, and it's new iPhone, the iPhone 11.

The new iPhone comes in three different versions, the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Each one has a crazy battery life, each one promising a full-day's worth of battery and up, promising better quality screens with an always-on LCD retina display, and other varying sizes. Apple also announced that the new model would come in different colors: Red, Purple, Yellow, Green, White and Black, while the Pro Max features even fancier colors like "Midnight Green" and "Space Grey." The charger even got an upgrade with 18 watt power charger for a faster charge. Stop right there; SIGN ME THE HELL UP!

But it's the new cameras (that's right, cameras with an S!) that's blowing up the internet right now. The New iPhone features a new dual lens system, which includes new sensors, ultra wide angle lens and an automatic night mode. The Pro and Pro Max versions feature ANOTHER lens, with three total lenses, and the internet did not wait around to make the new iPhone a meme. Is three too many? Or is this a MUST Buy?

Photo: Getty Images

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