Party-goers Forced To Hand Over Stuffed Animal Creations To Birthday Girl

I have two younger sons so I've brought them to a plethora of birthday parties over the past couple of years but I've never witnessed anything quite like this.

A mom recently took to Reddit after her daughter attended a friend's birthday party and was forced to give up the Build-A-Bear she made. In the post she said that the children at the party all made a Build-A-Bear but were told that they couldn't keep the stuffed animals. Apparently the kids were told that by the birthday girl's mom to hand over their stuffed animals to her daughter.

The woman said that she just assumed that each kid would be allowed to take the animals home as the invitation said that every kid was going to make a bear. Adding that her and her husband pitched in $30 because they know that these parties can be expensive.

The birthday girl wasn't even nice about receiving all of her friends animals, apparently yanking them away.

The mom that told this story on Reddit mentioned that when they left the party her daughter cried because she was so upset so they took her back to Build-A-Bear to get her a stuffed animal.

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