This Is How Animals Get Trained For TV And Movies

Have you ever wondered how the animals in movies or on TV are trained? I know not something that you think about on the daily but when I see an animal in a movie I usually wonder in that moment how they got them to do a specific task.

Well, we've got some answers thanks to @thisisinsider on Twitter. They posted a video on #NationalPetDay that explains how cats get trained for TV and movies! The video mentions that training cats is a step-by-step process and the main tools are something called a clicker and, of course, treats. I mean what pet doesn't love treats?

They talked to professional pet trainer, Melissa who teaches the cat to touch their nose to an object, luring them with the treats which is a process called targeting. Then they learn to move to a marker on the ground and if the cat hits the mark on the floor they are rewarded with a treat. Melissa also added that she loves to have fun and play games with the cat so that they enjoy it.

In the video they talked specifically about the cats used in the newest 'Pet Sematary' movie. They mentioned that they rescued 5 cats to star in the movie but ended up using just 2 of them but the other 3 had some small roles.

To my surprise neither cat had ever been in a movie before so it took a lot of prepping to get them ready for the role.

Since they had to make them look a little disheveled and dirty they used makeup that also acted as a treat for them as they licked themselves clean. The cats also required a daily bath which I'm sure they didn't enjoy.

The video is adorable so make sure you watch it above!

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