Watch This Adorable Raccoon Climb 25 Story Building

We love a good animal story and honestly, it doesn't get better than this. The internet was a buzz this morning when in the late hours of the night, a raccoon was spotted climbing up a St. Paul, Minnesota building! Apparently the raccoon thought it was a good idea to start climbing the building before it stopped and took a rest on a 23rd floor window sill. Naturally people were freaking out and worried foe the poor little guy. Soon after that, the hashtag #mprraccoon quickly trended on Twitter. 

Honestly, he looked pretty relax, even did some grooming while taking a break on the 23rd floor.

After taking a a well deserved nap (as a Twitter user stated, he had been stuck on a ledge for days with no food or water), the brave little guy decided to finish what he started. He continued up the side of the building where he eventually and miraculously made it to the roof! 

Which was a huge relief for everyone that was following the story on location or on Twitter.

Shortly after Wildlife employees managed to lure the little guy into a cage with some cat food and said they would be releasing it to a safe, undisclosed location. 

After it all went down, they decided to have a press briefing to let everyone know that the little guy was being taken care of plus to give a time line of events.

Of course, Twitter responded to the whole story with some hilarious commentary on the situation.

So yeah, that little guy is the perfect example of perseverance. He was stuck in a situation without food or water and he kept his fighting spirit alive! Needless to say, that guy had a busy morning, what have you done with yours?

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