All Eyes On The Gulf & Tropical Storm Cindy

City of Beaumont, Texas has posted a new item, 'City of Beaumont Will Delay Opening City Offices'Due to the changing conditions caused by Tropical Storm Cindy.

The City of Beaumont will delay opening City offices until 10:00 AM on Thursday, 6/22/2017. 

City officials will continue to monitor weather conditions this evening as Tropical Storm Cindy approaches landfall. Any decision about a change in city operations tomorrow will be made early tomorrow morning.

Orange County Emergency Management

Press Release #3

Orange County Judge Stephen Brint Carlton has directed the Orange County Courthouse and all Orange County Offices to re-open for normal hours Friday. However, Orange County Parks will be closed to the public until Monday. The Orange County Jail, county law enforcement services and the Orange County Operations Center will sustain operations throughout the event. The Road and Bridge Department will be on-call for further direction from the Orange County Emergency Operations Center.

Neither voluntary nor mandatory evacuations for any part of Orange County has been issued at this time. We remind citizens to take precautions to protect themselves and property especially in low areas that may flood. Orange County Emergency Management will continue to monitor the situation with input from national and state organizations and will provide updates through the local news media outlets as new developments occur.

Sand and bags are still available at –BRING YOUR OWN SHOVEL -

Precinct 1 County Maintenance Barn, North Hwy 87 at North Teal

Precinct 2 County Maintenance Barn, 2600 Lawrence Road

Precinct 2 Commissioner’s Office11867 HWY 62 North (across from Market Basket in Mauriceville)

Precinct 3 County Maintenance Barn, 2502 West Roundbunch Road

Precinct 4 County Maintenance Barn, 375 Claiborne Street

Residents are welcome to bag the sand to use to protect their homes from rising water.

Please publish the following to the general public;

Emergency Management Phone Numbers: 409-745-9762 and 409-745-9763

For updated information please visit our website at

Lamar University will resume its regular schedule Thursday, June 22.  Classes will resume their regular schedule and faculty and staff should report to campus. Officials will continue to monitor the situation throughout the night. Notification will be made using the ConnectED system,, LU social media and local media if conditions worsen significantly.


Due to the incoming weather, all Jefferson County offices will close at 2:00 this afternoon and will reopen tomorrow afternoon at 1:00. Each county employee should maintain contact with their supervisor Thursday for update.

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