Starbucks Is About To Blow Our Collective Minds & Start Serving Ice Cream


Source: Twitter

When you think Starbucks you probably think of your favorite drink coffee, for me there is nothing better than a Venti Mocha Light Frappuccino. But, you may start looking at Starbucks a bit differently. They are about to add ice cream to their menu at over 100 stores nationwide. Yes - ice cream, you did read that correctly.

And I'm not talking about your typical freezer isle tub of ice cream. Starbucks is making it fancy as they are putting their own spin on affogato, an Italian ice cream treat. It's a scoop of ice cream topped with an espresso shot. 

There is two version coming to the menu - one will be featured at 10 upscale Reserve bar locations in Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago and Washington DC. It will include flavors made with small batches of cold brew.

While a cheaper version will roll out in Orange County at 100 regular locations. This version will be made with past-produced products.


Source: Twitter


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